Sarasiab Kindness House

While working in Kindness Houses many people got familiar with Society for Protection of working and Street Children and hot aware of the issues. When we were working in Agh Tapeh and Hesarak, one of the supporters suggested us to establish another Kindness House. As a result, we searched to find a marginal risky region. Consequently, Sar Asiab region located in Malard Road was selected. It is a place that has its own riles and rulers. The statistics revealed the e high amount of drug dealing and stolen stuff market there. The presence of thieves and drug dealers in a market especially for dealing stolen stuff called Satan Market was so risky for children. Therefore, the third Kindness House was established in Sar Asiab and the society tried to reduce the damages and fortunately it provided remarkable services to children there.

Sar Asiab Kindness House aside from educating the children based on united nation standards, provides other services including, consultancy, care giving, life skills and children rights courses, music and educational classes, sport and camping events, healthy nutrition, medical and treatment services, first aid courses and others to clients.