Agh Tapeh Kindness House

With regards to the problems and dangers that are in Agh Tapeh district (drug selling) and also accumulation of working and street children in this area (children who search trash) Society for Protection of working and Street Children decided to establish the first Kindness House in Agh Tapeh district in Kindness 1384. Everything started with a small room. Classes were established to educate children, who could not receive educational services due to not having id card, their working hours, family problems, poverty, and family culture and other reasons. During the first days, some problems, dangers and threats was imposed by the local residents however, step by step with the services that provided, some of the problems especially social ones were reduced. Moreover, aside from providing a safe atmosphere in the region, developing infra structures and cultural and social development are other achievements of our activities in the region. Later, due to the lack of space and the increasing number of working and street children, with the help of supporters, a piece of land were purchased near the old center and a suitable educational building were established. Since 1393, the new building has been the center of education in Agh Tapeh district and provides educational courses with global standards.

Agh Tapeh Kindness House aside from educational courses, provides other services including: consultant and care giving, holding life skills workshops, and child rights courses choir and music classes, sport courses, and camping. Moreover, it provides healthy food, medical and treatment services, first aid courses and other.