Holding a Cooking Class

Title of the Program: Holding a cooking class

Purpose of the program: To empower female participant with techniques of baking candy as a way to have income

Date of the Program: 12/ May/2019 and 16/ May/2019

Venue of the program:  Technical Training Center of Agh Tappeh Kindness House of SPWSC

Audience of the Program: female participants of the Sewing class

Participants of the Program: Ms. Abbaspour, Ms. Afzalan and the Staff of the Technical educational Center

Number of the audience / beneficiaries: 25 Participants

Content of the Program : including events, performed activities in the program

On May 12, the supplies and accessories for baking Zoolbia and Bamiyeh (Iranian Sweets) and Nectar were introduced and participant got familiar with the process of making nectar and Bamiyeh. During the class, participants also learned the English equivalents of the supplies and accessories that was highly welcomed. On May 16, participants got familiar with the process of baking Zulbia, and the art of pastry. Since the participants welcomed these types of classes, we are to expand such educational courses