Tulip Garden Camping


Title of the Program: Tulip Garden Camping.

Purpose of the program: This educational-recreational camp was to familiarize students with different varieties of tulip flowers and how to plant and grow this flower as well as to provide fun and happy moments for the students.

Date of the Program: 18/ April/ 2019

Venue of the program: Tulips Garden located in Shahid Chamran Park in Karaj, Alborz Province

Audience of the Program: Staff and the students of Agh Tappeh educational Center

Participants of the Program: Staff of the educational center

Number of the audience / beneficiaries: 40 students of the educational center

Content of the Program : including events, performed activities in the program

Coordinating with staff and authorities, 40 students along with the educational staff of the center participated in the Tulip Camping in martyr Chamran Park. Visiting the garden, the participants got familiar with different varieties of tulip flowers, planting process, development and how to handle the flower. Having a happy and fun as well as educational moments the group left Tulip Gardens for school at 1 pm