Celebrating the New Year's Eve

Title of the Program: Celebrating the New Year's Eve

Purpose of the program: To provide students with happy and fun moments

Date of the Program: 07/March/ 2019

Venue of the program: Agh Tappeh Educational Hall

Audience of the Program: Students of Agh Tappeh Educational Center

Participants of the Program: One of the beloved supporters of SPWSC

Number of the audience / beneficiaries: 80 students as well as the staff

Content of the Program : including events, performed activities in the program

With the support of one of the beloved supporters of SPWSC, a celebration of New Year's Eve was held in the hall of the Agh Tappeh Educational Center where 80 students attended and had happy moments. The students were welcomed with fruit and reception cake. Finally,the students received a package of candy ad left the celebration