Poverty and working child

In regard to the global day of poverty eradication (27 Mehr).

Child labor like other human issues is as a result of various factors that each one affect the creation and progress of them. The studies about children show that among many reasons that cause child labor, economic factor have more effective role. A child have to work when his family due to poverty is not able to provide the least equipment so that they make use of children as a source of income. Consequently, poverty eradication is one of the important objective of international organization related to children like Unicef that with emphasize on it and providing suitable solutions make the government take practical measures to reduce poverty. Poverty eradication in each country must be at the top of the planning and government and decision making organizations are responsible for it. In our country, the main factor that cause children to work is poverty so that planning for reducing child labor is part of poverty eradication project that is carried out through developing public welfare, creating jobs, improving social situation, and social insurance and other civil rights that is one of the main duty of government. Non-governmental organizations can work to empower working child and their family through education, supporting and involving in these fields. However, to make children free from child labor, and providing them a suitable life that is part of their fundamental rights is of undeniable duties of governments. In fact, whatever is the right of nation is governments' responsibility and observing this necessary relationship between right and responsibility is a measure to assess competency of the governments. 


Sourcs:United Nations

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